Lesson Program:
Lessons are directed at students' specific interests, which range from competing in USEA events to local dressage or hunter shows, combined tests or events, or just trail riding at Blue Marsh Lake.  Private lessons are 30", semi-private (2 riders) lessons are 45", and groups (3-4 riders) are 60".  Students either ride their own horse or one of the farm's quality lesson horses or ponies and are expected to come early and stay after lessons to groom and tack-up their mount if necessary.  Beginners will receive assistance until they are able to prepare and care for  their lesson horse themselves.  (While we use some lesson time to educate new riders to grooming and tacking up, we aim to give students at least 20" ride time in their very first few lessons.  However, the amount of riding time in does depend on the individual's needs and learning style.)

For students interested in showing, see "SHOW TEAM".

Lesson Philosophy:
Riding lessons at Heron Mead Farm are not simply to teach riders correct position and technique, but how to understand their horse or pony's psychology and physiology to get the best perfomance possible.  We strive to create "Horsemen" or "Horsewomen" and not just riders.  However unlike some other riding programs, our students generally spend most or all of their lesson time in the saddle, not grooming or tacking-up.  These skills are taught in our initial lessons to beginners or in our Day Camps offered year-round, from week-long Summer Camps to our Holiday Camp (during the winter Holiday break).  For more information, see "CAMPS".  

Lesson Days and Times:
Year-round lessons available generally on weekdays
from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with some seasonal
changes.  Weekends and morning weekday times 
are available by appointment and also vary 
according to seasons and show schedule. 

Lesson Pricing: 

For Students:​                   Per Lesson          Prepaid 6-pack
Private 30"          (1 rider)
Semi-Private 45" (2 riders)        $50                $270 ($45/ea.)
Group 60"          (3-4 riders)

Private 45"                                $70                $390 ($65/ea.)

Private 30"          (1 rider)
Semi-Private 45" (2 riders)        $50                $240 ($40/ea.)
Group 60"          (3-4 riders) 

Private 45"                                $65                $360 ($60/ea.)

* Unused lessons become void after 6 months.
* Lesson payments due at the end of the lesson.

Boarding Programs:  
See "BOARDING" for additional information.

See "SHOW TEAM" for additional information.

References available upon request.
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Kari teaching a group lesson.
A student riding a nice dressage test at a USEA event.
Students riding lesson horses and ponies, heading out on a trail ride.
A student introducing her young horse to cross-country.
Two newer students on lesson horses and ponies practicing halts on a rather pretty spring day!
Heron Mead Farm
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A very young student leading her pony into the ring for her lesson.