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Hello Friends of HMF!

Wondering why Kari hasn’t been emailing anyone for a while?
Yippee!!! I am FINALLY (kind of) up to speed with our new computer system and will be once again sending out emails regarding Pony Club as well as Student and Boarder activities and updates. When my desktop, laptop, and cell phone all decided to crash within weeks of each other this summer…it was deemed best that Heron Mead Farm invest in some good technology to help us serve our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible to give all of you the best service we can while trimming expenses. Again, sorry it’s taken SO LONG, but being perhaps the worlds’ smallest corporations with very limited resources available for IT issues AND since horse health comes first and we’ve had so many serious (but wonderfully helpful) veterinary issues this Fall AND since computer hardware/software is NOT my strong suit, it’s taken as long as it has.
You may now see a flurry of emails updating everyone on things… :)

Gastroscopy Clinic this Wednesday, 10/29/14!
After 12 hrs. of fasting, Spike and Sweets are going to Willowcreek Veterinary Clinic (in Leesport) for a free stomach scoping to determine if their gastro-intestinal issues (periodic loose stools) could be due to ulcers. This is a great opportunity, I’m glad we got them signed up for it! We are allowed to bring several Pony Clubbers to come and watch, so any Pony Clubbers who can get off school to come and watch should contact me. Space is limited, so let me know asap. We’ll be leaving at 11:45 sharp, and plan to return around 3ish.

HMF’s Fall Student Show this Saturday, 11/1/14!
Between this busy Fall of intense veterinary procedures and worrying about the winter weather possibly starting early…we decided to hold our Fall Student Show ASAP! So, this Saturday we’ll have a Student Show, a combined test (a dressage test and show jumping course), but this time we’ll have students work with the horses off the trailer just like we do when we go away for shows. (It may not sound that exciting, but it’s very different grooming and tacking up horses at shows as opposed to in the cross-ties.) Cost is $75/rider, and due the day of the show. Closing date for entering this Student Show is Wednesday (that means students/parents can text/email me anytime on Wed. to confirm they’re entry into the show); times for riders will be emailed to riders sometime on Friday. (Due to this show happening the day after Halloween, we will be starting late morning.) Rain date scheduled for Saturday, 11/15/14.

Happy trails everyone!


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Hello Everyone!

HMPC rocks at EPA’s Horseless Rally on Sun. 4/6/14!!!

Way to go!!! Reghan W., Hailey C., and Bella A. did a FANTASTIC job at Eastern Pennsylvania Region’s Horseless Rally! They got 1st place in Horse Management and 2nd place Overall! After putting in hours and hours of preparing Rally Boxes, cleaning brushes, cleaning tack, and running through their Intro. A dressage test-they put it all together and did great! Many thanks to the “ambushed” parents who juggled schedules to assist hugely in all the prep work as well, and to two great Heron Mead Pony Clubber volunteers, Chris H. and Amanda A.!!! Chris H. was “Advisor” to the young team, making sure they got to all the places they needed to be WHEN they were supposed to be there. Amanda A. helped the new Pony Clubbers learn how to clean their tack, among other prep work. Thanks also to Jack T. for letting the team use Buster and his tack as their “pony”.

Sat. April 19th, HMPC Certification Day (roughly scheduled from 8am-3/4 pm)

Below is the current list of Heron Mead Pony Clubbers who’ve expressed interest in the Certification on Saturday, April 19th.  

Maia Jensen will be our examiner for the day, and we may get another examiner depending on how many candidates we have.  

Note that I’m tentatively scheduling another Certification for Sunday, May 18th for anyone who can’t make this one, as well as one July 19/20 or Aug. 2/3.  

LET ME KNOW ASAP if I’ve have the wrong person, horse/pony, or levels listed below. Thanks!

Name: Current Rating D1 D2 Flat/Jump HM D3 Flat

Bella A. Unrated D1 (JE) D2 HM (JE) 

Reghan W. D1 D2 HM (MN?)* 

Hailey C. D1 D2 HM (ZS?)* 

Caroline P. D2 HM & Flat 

D2 Jump (SN) D3 HM (SN) 

Amanda A. D2 HM & Flat 

D2 Jump (BS) D3 HM (BS) D3 Flat (BS)

Chris H. D2 HM & Flat 

D2 Jump (SN?) D3 HM (PH) 

Rachel B. D2 D3 HM (CP) D3 Flat (CP)

Savannah S. Unrated D1** (SW) D2** Jump (SW) D3 HM (DN) 

Rena B. D2 (ready for next cert.) 

Leslie D. Unrated (unavailable) 

Sydney B. D2 HM & Flat (unavailable) 

“ * ” These candidates would just be doing their formal inspections with these horses/ponies.  

“ ** “ Horsemaster D1, D2, and D3!

Kari’s Certification Tips: new Pony Clubbers should pair up with a mentor (experienced Pony Clubber), parent, or Savannah/Kari (for some paid tutoring) for some study sessions AND maybe do a “mock inspection”. ALL candidates should review their Standards of Proficiency CAREFULLY and note the pages each topic refers to and REALLY STUDY IT! As I question the D3 candidates, I’m finding less solid knowledge than I’d like to see. Get out your books and study! Don’t ASSUME you know a topic, make sure you know what Pony Club wants you to know. Ask experienced Pony Clubbers or Savannah or myself (in lessons if necessary) for help with practical skills such as bandaging, jogging, etc. D3 candidates should present their horses/ponies in 4 polo bandages for their next lessons and when they’re doing their practice rides. D3 Record Books is suggested as the next D3 Unmounted Meeting topic.
Go HMPC and good luck to all the candidates!


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Hello Everyone!

Meet Daisy, the newest member of “Heron Mead Farm’s Groundhog Patrol”!
She’s a very cute, very sweet, approx. 1 yr. old, Bloodhound/Beagle mix.  Welcome Daisy!  Coming from the “Cold Noses, Warm Hearts Rescue” in NJ, she is joining Ike (at 13 ½  yrs., is now just a Senior Advisor to the HMF G.P.) and Bowdoin (at 8 mos. old, who is only a Jr. Apprentice to the HMF G.P.)  While she is so sweet and cuddly with people, Daisy’s showing great promise as a huntress…sometimes pulling us off our feet to charge after assorted wildlife! 

Welcome Leslie and Savannah to Pony Club!  
They are our first Horsemaster members and all of Heron Mead Pony Club welcomes them to this great educational program.  It’s just fantastic that Pony Club is now available for adults!  Watch for updates on their progress through the Certifications and Rallies…

Heron Mead Pony Club “Senior D” team comes in 2nd Place AND qualifies for Championships at the 2014 EPA Quiz Rally!!!
Way to go, HMPC!!!!  The team of Chris H. (Captain), Amanda A., Rena B., and Syd B.  worked SO HARD to prepare.  After TONS of help from Syd’s mom, Kristina (the unofficial “Quiz Coach”) and some study sessions with me…they ROCKED at Quiz Rally!!!  Especially since this was our first ever attendance at a Quiz Rally, none of us had ANY idea what it would be like.  (I did participate as a member of Berks Pony Club in the early 1980’s…but it was VERY DIFFERENT then!)  Now they have several different phases that require much more “hands on” knowledge of equestrian equipment and safe/correct practices.  Awesome job, Quiz Team!  While the HMPC Senior D Quiz Team all qualified for National Championships, Amanda, who came in 3rd over all the Senior D’s is the only “lock” for Championships.  I understand the EPA Champs selection process correctly.  Chris and Rena qualified, but have to see if they get selected to represent the Eastern PA Region at National Championships…and we’re all crossing fingers and toes for you guys!  (Syd, who did an AMAZINGLY good job at Quiz, unfortunately is too young to go to Champs, kids must be at least 10 yrs. old.  Next year Syd!)

Quick Boarder Horse Health update…
The 3/14/14 Fecal Tests were ALL negative!!!  The following horses were done:  Rio, PC, Penny, Cappy, Sweets, Tango, Phoenix, Deuce, Sugar, Tinkerbell, Buster, Zeus, and Sunny.  I’ll send another email with Routine Horse Health Update shortly with who’s due for what upcoming shots.

Whew! After the 2014 Ice Age, HMF is BUSTING OUT with upcoming April activities!
Check out the updated calendars for Spring and Summer on our “Calendar” page on the website.  Every few weeks I’ll be updating those so keep an eye on them for changes and check in with me whenever you want to sign up for something.

Sun. 4/6/14         PONY CLUB:  EPA Horseless Rally
Horseless Rally is the 2nd Rally in our Eastern PA Regional Rally calendar this year (after Quiz Rally which was on 3/8/14) and takes place in Hamburg on Sun. 4/6/14 and is tons of fun for those new to pony club rallies!

Pony Clubbers ENTERED:
Reghan W.            D1                           Captain
Hailey C.              D1           
Bella A.                Unrated
Chris H.                Advisor

“Chaperone”—Heather A.
“Volunteers” –Amanda A. and Michelle W.

Main Prep for Horseless Rally:
We need to inspect your attire for formal inspection, and make sure you have everything you need (pins/armbands);
You need to learn the dressage test you have to run on foot;
Check “Rally Boxes” for missing items, expired items, and un-labeled items, then replace missing/expired items and label those needed;
Clean one bridle, saddle, girth, saddle pad, halter, and lead rope;
For spare tack kit: one full bridle, girth, stirrups, stirrup leathers, halter, lead-rope, and lead-shank.

Cost:      $30 entry for participants, I’ve sent payment in with entries ahead of time, so we’ll just invoice team members.  (Advisors, Chaperones, and Volunteers obviously pay no entry fee.)

Sun. 4/13/14      HMF SHOWTEAM:  Oxbow Schooling Dressage/Combined Test (non-pony club show, open to all):
The first show of the 2014 on our calendar!  Yippee!  This is a GREAT opportunity for Pony Clubbers to set up their Rally Tack Room and practice their Formal Inspections and Rally horse care techniques.  At this point, I can’t take any other students due to the size of the trailer, unless it’s a small pony such as Tinkerbell or Jethro…  Also, any Heron Mead Farm students interested in showing are welcome to come along and see what our shows are like.  (We just may need a parent or two to drive extra kids and supervise them throughout the day.  Note that this show is in northern NJ, about 2.5 hrs. away, so it’s a drive!)

Students tentatively attending:
Rachel B.                              Cappy                   Level? TBD
Caroline P.                            Sunny                   Level? TBD
Rena B.                                 Spike                    Level? TBD

Sat. 4/19/14        PONY CLUB:  HMPC Certification Day:
This date is tentative, please review the list below and let me know if I you ARE able to attend AND if I have the levels right.  Due to the footing still being dicey right now in the fields, I would like to push all D3 jumping to a testing in May, date TBD soon!  (I’m HOPING we can at least hop over some 18” jumps safely to finish some of the D2 jumping tests)

Pony Clubbers tentatively attending:
      (Pony Clubber)                       (Horse)                                (Testing Level)
Leslie D. (Horsemaster)               ------                                     HRSMSTR: D1 & D2 (unavailable this weekend, 5/17 ok?)
Savannah S. (Horsemaster)        DN (insp) & SW (Jmp)              HRSMSTR: D1;  D2;  D3 HM & F
Rachel B.                                 Cappy                                    D3 HM & FL
Rena B.                                    Spike                                     D3 HM & FL

Amanda A.                              ZS (insp) & BS (Jmp)                 D2 Jmp; D3 HM & FL
Syd B.                                    Tinkerbell                                  D2 Jmp; D3 HM(unavailable this weekend, 5/17 ok though)
Chris H.                                  PH (insp) & SN (Jmp)                 D2 Jmp; D3 HM
Caroline P.                              Sunny                                        D2 Jmp; D3 HM

Hailey C.                                 Buster                                      D2 HM
Reghan W.                              Sweets                                      D2 HM
Bella A.                                   Jethro                                      D1; D2 HM           

Main Prep for Certifications:
1.)Review-the USPC Standards of Proficiency (SOP’s) for your particular level;
2.)Mock Certification-ask Kari or Savannah or ask a more experienced pony clubber to do a “mock certification” to help familiarize candidates with the procedure;
3.)Study-your Horse Management topics AND make sure you don’t just “know” what the answer is, but
practice any skills you’ll need to demonstrate, etc.;
4.)Review/practice-your mounted skills in lessons (REMIND Kari!) needed for your particular rating;

Cost:      TBD-once I get an examiner, I’ll let you know the fees involved.  Non-horse owning candidates will also have to pay a lease fee for use of a lesson pony for the day.  Will get prices to you all ASAP.

Sun. 4/27/14      PONY CLUB:  EPA Dressage Rally:
Dressage Rally is the 3rd Rally in the Eastern PA Regional Rally calendar this year on Sat. and Sun. 4/26 & 4/27/14.  Saturday is Qualifying Day for Nat’l Championships, Sunday is Non-Qualifying Day for those not aiming for Champs.  (I will discuss Qual. Day versus Non-Qual. Day with pony clubbers interested.)

Pony Clubbers tentatively attending:
Rachel B.              Cappy                   (D2, soon to be D3/C1???)           Team Captain
Caroline P.          Sunny                   (D2, soon to be D3???)
Rena B.                 Spike                     (D2, soon to be D3???)
   TBD                  (4th riding member-not required, but preferable)
   TBD                  Team Stable Manager

Volunteers (probably 2 needed)?

Main Prep for Dressage Rally:
Work on 2 tests needed (I’ll find out what tests you’ll be doing-and what your rating will be);
Prep your horse:  pull mane, bang tail, SCRUB & BATHE entire body, clip legs, bridle path, and jawline;
Clean sheaths/udders;
Check riding attire for fit and repairs/replacement;
Clean and check ALL TACK for repairs/replacements:  halter, lead rope, bridle, saddle, girth;
Clean and store securely SHOW SADDLE PAD(S);
FIND and CLEAN EXTRA TACK for the horse you are bringing;
Double check RALLY BOXES and replenish/replace;
Clean and label your grooming box;

Cost:      TBD-once I get entry info. I’ll let you know entry fees, trailering fees, and coaching fees.

Cross-country schoolings…
Keep in mind Show-team, that in and around all the April and May shows, depending on the horse/pony and rider and what level you want to compete, you may need anywhere from 1 to 3 or 4 XC schoolings-so check with Kari to sign up for the horse trials you want to go to and then get out on XC!    

Whew!  That’s all for now folks.  Don’t forget to check our website Calendar Page to see what’s coming up in May-we have a lot for students of all ages and levels to do. 

Happy trails,


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